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Why is Temperature Monitoring Necessary?

If your business is in the food industry, you are required by law to make sure that the food you provide is safe for human consumption.

It is therefore incumbent upon you to ensure that any potentially hazardous foods you store, process, serve, or deliver, have not become contaminated with dangerous levels of pathogens.

Psychrophiles and Mesophiles are the main bacteria groups affecting food safety. They grow and multiply at different temperature ranges.

Psychrophiles grow slowly from -5oC upwards but most rapidly at temperatures between 10oC and 20oC.

Mesophiles grow most rapidly between 20oC and 45oC. That is why the Danger Zone is defined as 5oC to 60oC.

Bacteria growth can be halted at -18oC but not all foods can be frozen and thawed later without damaging their food quality.

Temperature Management System
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Why Automate Food Temperature Monitoring?

Labour Saving: If you are dutifully recording food temperatures twice per day manually, you will be spending $500 to $1000 in labour per year per temperature point monitored, even if this exercise takes less than 2 minutes per day. If you automate the record keeping, the temperature is accurately measured each minute 24/7/365 and sent to the cloud. The cost of this automated monitoring equipment and its annual maintenance will be between 20% and 50% of the labour cost to do it manually.

Continuous Information: If you only look at the temperatures twice per day, you must assume that they always remain within acceptable limits between readings. Frequently, however, temperatures rise considerably every 4 or 6 hours when the defrost cycles are underway. The time taken for the food temperature to settle back to below 4oC for fridges and cool rooms or down to -18oC for freezers is typically between 30 and 90 minutes depending upon the design of the refrigeration system.

These excursions to higher temperatures 4 to 6 times per day will shorten the shelf life of the foods and might also result in substandard foods being served to customers. Automating the recording of temperatures readings once per minute, ensures that there is no gap in the information. Your people who need to know also receive alerts by email and SMS if the temperatures are taking too long to revert into the safe zones.

No Loss of Information during Power Failures: When the power fails on site, all fridges, and freezers gradually warm up and foods gradually thaw. Bacteria will start to multiply. The time the food is exposed to raised temperatures is critical to deciding whether it can be safely used or must be discarded. Because the Hygeian System is fully battery backed, it will immediately report the power failure to those that need to know. It will also continue to display, trend, alarm, and report the measurements for up to 9 hours giving you time to put a plan into place to save the stock. If the food must be discarded it will be because you have the facts to make an informed decision and not an unnecessary waste of food just to be cautions.

Elimination of Human Errors: Sometimes people make mistakes when recording temperatures. They might forget to write a temperature down and then make up a result later based upon a guessed value. They might write down a temperature that was within limits, even though the actual temperature was outside those limits. Frequently there will be gaps in the manually recorded temperatures and these are often discovered and filled in with guesses just before the next stressful food safety audit.

Energy Optimisation: For every degree C drop in freezer temperature, the energy requirement goes up by 5-10%. It is therefore very important to set the correct temperature to optimise freezer energy consumption. When it comes to refrigerators, the same principle applies: Set the temperature to 4oC since this is highest recommended temperature and the one for minimum power consumption.

More About the Hygeian
Temperature Management System:

Hygeian’s Australian-made food management system connects your people to your processes in real time, by automating your temperature records and storing them securely in the cloud

It uses precision wireless sensors that have a perpetual warranty, because they are exchanged annually as part of the rental contract. Their reliability and accuracy eliminate missing data and incorrectly recorded values.

You can have up to 120 sensors on site working to one gateway. The on-site gateway collates the packets of data from each sensor and sends a payload each minute to the Hygeian Cloud Server, which operates using the Microsoft Azure System. The gateway notifies you of any power failure and continues to operate normally for up to 9 hours without power. This gives you time to execute your emergency plan and save your stock

You have a complete history of each temperature, minute-by-minute and using the included historian, you can retrieve any data from the last 5 years and look at it averaged over any intervals.

Hygeian Temperature Management System
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Alarms are sent by email and SMS to those that need to know if something is going wrong.

There are 4 alarm points for each measured variable: 2 Low Alarms and 2 High Alarms. Each alarm has an adjustable setpoint, deadband and time delay. The time delay determines how long the measurement must be continuously in the alarm zone to trigger an alarm event. The deadband determine the value at which the alarm condition will reset. The alarm setpoints adjust the scaling of the red, yellow, and green zones of the temperature gauge used to display the temperature.

Temperature Management System

The Hygeian System is suitably structured for single site or multi-site enterprises.

Its dashboards and powerful reporting module enable you to see exactly what is going on in any of the sites under your care and to take corrective action, where necessary.

Food Temperature Management System
Temperature Management System Features & Benefits

100% Accurate and Complete Records

  • Your records are complete, time stamped, accurate and legally robust.
  • The temperature history of your foods is accurately known, so informed decisions can be made on food safety.
  • Your Food Safety Audits become stress free, less frequent and shorter.

Fully Maintained Rented System

  • Hygeian is a very cost-effective solution.
  • Hygeian will keep your system running efficiently.
  • Hygeian will replace your wireless temperature sensors annually, saving you time and money in battery replacement and ensuring calibration compliance.
  • Perpetual warranty on sensors and gateway while you are in contract.

Alerts by Email and or SMS

  • All relevant personnel can be advised immediately.
  • Alarms can alternatively be disseminated by Escalation List.

Easy to Deploy

  • The preconfigured system can be quickly deployed and adjusted without any special knowledge of the sophisticated technology behind its operation.
  • Our agents or our staff can help to set up the system for you, if required.
  • There is no interruption to your work while the system is deployed.

Cloud Based System

  • Based on the Microsoft Azure Platform for ultimate speed and reliability.
  • Your system is securely backed up.
  • Your records are available anytime you need them.
  • Authorized staff members can view the data they are permitted to access.

Reliable Technology

  • The system notifies Hygeian:
    • if a transmitter battery is nearing the end of its life.
    • if a transmitter signal is low strength or lost.
    • if your gateway loses connection with the cloud server.
  • The gateways continue operating on battery during a power outage.
Continuous Temperature Monitoring and Reporting
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Why Choose The Hygeian Food Temperature Management System?

Hygeian makes it easy to meet your food safety compliance obligations, improve your profits, motivate your staff, protect your brand, and build your goodwill, consistently month after month.

Talk to us today about improving your compliance. You will quickly realise the benefits of deploying the Hygeian Food Temperature Management System.

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